Massively Increase Your Facebook Fans

September 26, 2010

So you want more Facebook fans? Spending a short length of time doing the right things could greatly help get your fan page off the ground. Here are some great tips for getting more fans.

Suggest your page to all your friends using the Suggest to Friends button. This is the 1st thing you should do and is the fastest way to quickly grow your page

Use Facebook ads to target the people most likely to become a fan. You can setup ads with very little cash and pay a price per click or pay for a set number of impressions. Test out various ads and see what works best. The ads are easy to setup regardless of your technical skills. The great thing about a Facebook ad for a fan page is that the ad displays a “become a fan” button which makes it really easy for anyone just to click and join!

On all your emails mail-outs and press releases include your Facebook page. You should also secure your unique Facebook URL. It looks more professional & further puts across your brand. To do this go to and get your name.

Constantly provide exciting content. Stuff they would not want to miss. You can even announce news on Facebook first – before putting it anywhere else.

Add a fanbox to your website or blog. Click the “Add a Fan Box” link below your fan page’s profile picture & create the widget following the instructions. You could also use this widget in your newsletter.

Use the Notes application with an RSS Feed from a Blog to provide constant quality content. You can easily import a blog from your website. Use the Notes page, click the Import a blog link (on the right side of the page). Enter the URL of your blog into the text box, and agree to Terms of Use. Complete the process by clicking on “Save Settings.” Watch your posts automatically arrive in Facebook!

Use the share button to post your page to your profile or email it to friends. Encourage current fans to do the same!

Find out what your fans like by looking at your insights – if they like video give them more video!

Customize your landing page using FBML There are specialists who can do this for you and make landing pages that encourage users to become fans by offering them something. Coding is required for this as the page needs to be coded. There are companies that can do this such as spiderhousepr.

Fans don’t come instantly but by using the tips above will increase numbers faster than relying on search alone. Providing content that fans will share is imperative to the viral growth of your page. Remember that every time someone interacts with your page that interaction shows on their news-feed to their friends giving you viral growth.

Your first port of call is to use the “suggest to friends” button. If you have loads of friends this will have the biggest impact in the least amount of time so go get more friends!

By Carley Morrow


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