Pros & Cons of Social media marketing

September 10, 2010

Since social media arrived, it is quickly becoming one of the fastest ways for businesses to get a fast return in sales by marketing through these channels. But as with anything, there are pros and cons so read on and find out how social media management can help you.
Social media marketing is cutting edge and still fairly new which means saturation levels are low
91% of people now spend time online, with networks like Facebook and Twitter, which means that if you are advertising your business or service where they hang out, you are reaching them. If you are only sticking to traditional methods like TV or print you are missing out nearly all of your customers by not being in their world and interacting with them.
You save masses amount of money on advertising. A traditional newspaper and television can cost anything so much money for a small ad which might not even get seen. Then you have the trouble of tracking these ads and knowing if you are getting a good ROI. Social media marketing is trackable and will not cost you thousands to see massive results.
You can create a stand out brand in a very short space of time. Traditional advertising takes time and money to establish. With the amount of social media sites out there, it is possible to brand you or your company within weeks rather than years and do it in exactly the way you want to be seen and heard
You get picked up in the search engines like Google. Once you have a website or blog with content and relevant keywords to you, your service or business the search engines notice this and it will do wonders for your sales and growth. The more times you or your business name shows up online, the more you are seen and the more people you will see coming to you!
It can be very time consuming. Setting up blogs, websites, profiles, joining networks, replying to emails and then socializing on top can be a very timely process. There is also a certain ettiquette that needs to be adhered to so that the search engines and social media networks don’t ban you for doing something against their rules.
You may get bad press. If there is anything wrong with your business or people are not happy with something you have done, social media will only magnify the problem and it can spread like wild fire, very quickly; Potentially damaging your brand within days for a simple problem or mistake. That is why reputation management is important, so these areas are watched closely and managed in a way that it can be resolved quickly and efficiently.
Most people would find it difficult to spot these types of conversations if they are not savvy within the networks.
The good news is that there is an answer. Social media managers are there to handle all of these issues. We will create your profiles, go through the comments and emails. Alert you to important information coming in, keep your reputation in tact and at the same time get rid of the spam and non-important elements.


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