How to Get Blog Traffic From YouTube

September 9, 2010

Uploading video to YouTube is easy but what can we do to generate traffic to our blog from this?

Here are important ideas and steps which helps to bring traffic from YouTube.

First I will list three basic steps and then will discuss each step in detail.

1) Creating your own video

2) Registering with YouTube and Uploading your video with correct title.

3) Incorporating and mentioning your blog url.

Steps in detail:-

1) Now we will look at first step as what kind of video can be prepared?

You need something related to your blog subject. Website owners use YouTube for marketing and selling their products with sales video but I am not talking of that.

We need video related to our blog subject. In general humorous, how to guide, some catchy dance and music, amazing and interesting facts, educational videos etc. will catch attention and will get many views.

e.g. I can prepare video related to some of the posts on this blog as How to shift to custom domain, How to get blog traffic or How to make money from blog.

Many bloggers have personal blogs so they can have video on making some recipe, how to swim or some kitchen tips and tricks, funny video of their animal or pet or of the places they have visited or sports they play or teaching or giving tips on some sports or of party they have organized etc.

You can capture video using web cam, cellphone or handy cam or whichever is most suitable. Video file size also increases with resolution and the time so as far as possible keep the length not more than 5 minutes (for few subjects it can be longer). Picture and sound quality should be clear and if you know little of editing it helps you to edit the video.

2) If you are not already registered, you need to register at After login you will find a yellow color Upload button on right hand corner. Then click on Upload video file. Then clicking on Upload video gives you a browse window to choose video from your computer hard disk and upload it. You also have to enter title, description,tags and category. And then click save. It takes some time for your video to go live. Since your video will appear in YouTube search result based on title and description, it is very important to choose correct title and description. Hence do some research on YouTube by searching related videos and enter appropriate keywords in your title and description. Also enter your blog url in description.

3) Now you need to add your blog url. Go to my video and then Annotations then click on Add note, it gives you a window on the video asking “Enter your text here”. Type your blog URL here then you can change color if required, then holding mouse cursor you can drag it from center to one of the corner so that it does not come in the way of watching video.

Now you have to choose time period for which this will appear on video so you can select full time starting from 0.0 to the full length. Now you have to click on save and publish.

Check your blog URL is appearing while playing or not.

You also need to enter your blog URL in your profile. You need to go to Account > Profile setup > website.

Now logout and search YouTube with keyword you have mentioned in video title and see where you can find it in search results and watch the video. You can fine tune the title and description if required for better ranking. Send emails to your friends mentioning URL and asking them to watch the video and rate it. Getting few higher ratings creates good impression on visitors.

Your account at YouTube also has insight and statistics option under My account where you can come to know from where visitors has come to watch your video.

So what are you waiting for? Shoot a video and fire!

By Umesh Thakkar


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