Twitter…The auto DM

August 10, 2010

Let’s say you’re attending a social function at which you meet a lot of new people. Do you greet each person the same way? Do you actually say, “Hi, pleasure to meet you. Please be sure to check out my site” and then spout off the web address? I don’t think so. Instead of greeting someone with “hello, nice to meet you”, do you decide to share some “cute” saying that is supposed to make me think about the meaning of knowing you? I certainly hope not. Neither of these greetings will make someone want to talk to you for very long. Now let’s apply this toTwitter. It’s better known as the automated direct message.

I decide to follow you. Obviously, I have decided to follow you for a reason. Maybe you were recommended by a fellow twitterer or you just tweet about a topic of interest to me. Moments after I click the button to follow, I receive an email. I’m notified of a direct message sent from you.

So, the first response I get from you is a direct message? Why? We haven’t had any communication yet? What could you possibly need to say to me in private? Oh, you wanted to send me a link to your blog or company website. Maybe you were trying to sell something or maybe you wanted to share what you think is an intelligent quote with me. Stop.

This should not be our first communication. You should not send me a preconceived message that you send to every other twitter follower that you have. You definitely shouldn’t send me a link pushing a product or site. One of the things Twitter is supposed to be about is sharing information; not shoving it at me without me asking.

A true entrepreuer thinks about strategies and approach, before just going out there and trying to shove his goods down someones throat!  It doesn’t work anymore!!!!!  That is old school technique…..the game has changed and so should those that are involved in online marketing of anykind!

Think before you strike.  People like to do business with people they know….and getting to know someone online is different.  So, work it out…and play right and you will win!


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