Start being intensely selfish & things will begin to happen for you!

July 21, 2010

Start being intensely selfish.

Once you know your passion, you need to be intensely selfish.  And this is not in a bad way!  I have a good friend that lost his job and has really been up against the wall on most things in his life.  Everything seemed to come crashing down at once.  He lost his mother and his job within the same week.  He doesn’t know how he will financially make it after 4 months (and this was 2 months ago).  He has 5 children to support and his wife is an at home mom.  He dipped into depression and anxiety almost immediately, knowing how the economy is and with what has gone on in his life.  However, in talking with him almost daily, he is turning it around.  He knows his passion and now he has become intensely selfish and focused on where he needs to be, in order to make things happen.

When you cant get a job, you create a job.  One that is your passion and one that you are intensely focused on in making it happen.  Being intensely selfish isn’t about YOU, it’s about what you need to do to get things done, so that you can be happy in supporting your lifestyle, loved ones and world around you.

With how things in our economy are going (and not knowing and end), by becoming intense and selfish of your time, what you do and the people you hang around with, things will begin to turn around.  I am seeing it with my friend and I am seeing it in my own life.

So, don’t think of it as a selfish, all about YOU thing.  You have an entrepreneur inside of you that is wanting to express the passion and share with the world what your all about.  NOW is the time to become engrossed in that and to become intensely focused on your passion.


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