Stop hiding who you REALLY are!

July 20, 2010

In the process of becoming an entrepreneur, a new one or even a better one, you really need to focus on who you REALLY are.  What is it that drives you?  What are your true passions and what is it that motivates you?

I don’t believe that there is one particular way to do things.  There are many different shades and colors in life and they all are there to enjoy.  Dig within your mind and find out what is your passion or passions and once you find it (them), let everyone know about it.  Because it will be that passion that will define you!  Don’t be shy about it.  And don’t worry how old you are.

For me, I feel I have been holding back.  And when you hold back, you are actually doing a dis-service to your world and everyone in it.  My passion is the need to help people find answers to what drives them and then get them to answer their own sense of passion, and to get them to direct themselves toward that.  That is why I have loved my career in marketing, especially marketing people (recruiting), which I loved for many years.  Now, I can take that passion an direct it into helping people become the entrepreneur that is in them and for me to help expand their influence through social media management.

But I have been holding back and giving in to excuses, like divorce, frustration, depression or anxiety.  Which lead to other excuses.  But, the thing is, we all have those feelings.  But it’s time to break out of that, move forward and really know your passion and what you want to do with it.  Whether it is monetary or not, you should do it for yourself.  Of course, ANY passion is one you can become an entrepreneur with… even if your passion is the love of worms, you can focus on that, become an expert at the world of “worming” and let your world know about it, so they can take that information and catch to best fish in the best places!!

It’s there…It’s in you!  So what, your 50 years old and are still in a rut!  No more excuses…your passion just hasn’t come out yet.  So, no more excuses dig to get to it.  Bring it out and have some fun with it! Stop hiding who you REALLY are!!


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