Stop hiding…

July 18, 2010

Yesterday I posted the 8 principles of fun…actually they are very good principles that can help bring the passion back into your life, especially with becoming an entrepreneur!  I was able to take them one by one and really take a look at what they meant to me, and so I thought that maybe I would share all 8 with you over then next week or so.  So, again…review them and make them your own.  Tomorrow I will blog the first one, “Stop hiding who you really are”.  Until then, think deeply about that, about who YOU really are.  About what your purpose and passion really is.  As a review, here they are again.  Till tomorrow.
  1. Stop hiding who you really are.
  2. Start being intensely selfish.
  3. Stop following the rules.
  4. Start scaring yourself.
  5. Stop taking it so damn seriously.
  6. Start getting rid of the crap.
  7. Stop being so busy.

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